Clunky Hero final breath!

Hello dear followers...

I'm writing because CLUNKY HERO is seriously risking for not becoming a full game, ever!

I'm sure I've made a great game and a very funny demo (it has 4.9/5 stars rating here on Itch!) and very good reviews all over (from Twitter, to magazines, from Facebook to Kickstarter itself). And yet, our Kickstarter campaign has been a little failure so far. There are many similar games to Clunky Hero that have 5X or even 10X of the funding and backers... while we are struggling to reach the goal of our campaign.

I don't want your pity, I'm just disappointed because I'm 100% sure that Clunky Hero is a great game and it'll be a pity to drop it waiting for some investor...

That's why I'm writing this devlog, hoping that the more than 2000 (!!!) of you who downloaded and played the demo, are willing to help it get it made. Just 10 of you supported it... Just 10 coming from Itch, despite the 12.2K views to the page and the 2K+ download of the demo...

Anyway, there are only 5 days left to our Kickstarter campaign, and about €2000 left to reach the goal. It'll be a drama not making it for so little... So please, consider a contribute to the Kickstarter and to share the campaign with all your friends! Here a shorturl just in case...

Thanks for understanding...

Let's make CLUNKY HERO a reality... All together!

Nicola & Clunky Hero team


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i would if i had the money, sorry but good luck! great game really liked it, and would really like a full game

Coming soon!


I don't have the money to support it but I'm hoping for it. It is only 500 euros away. I believe in it.


thanks! share it around!


Nicola, this is sad news! I had not noticed that the funding wasn't quite getting there... 

Cannot believe only 10 of us from are supporting you. 

Come on people's!!! The community is better than that :) 

I'll do all I can to spread the word. 


Thanks a lot! Very appreciated! We truly cannot understand why... We think Clunky Hero is a great game!