Clunky Hero new Demo!

Dear followers,

I'm happy to announce that we've just uploaded a brand new demo for CLUNKY HERO!

First of all, consider it's rather a mini-game than a demo, and it's totally free!
However, we would like to make the full game the best as possible.
That's why we are running a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

Your support is truly precious to help us making a great game! So please, consider a contribute to our campaign!
As well as sharing it all around, it'll mean a lot to us!

We've also released a new trailer, have a look!

This said, lot of improvements have been made on the demo, that is now basically a mini-game! With tons of new stuff, weapons, items, side quests and more!

Here the change log from 0.9 to 1.0 version:

- The Save System is now perfectly working.
- You can find and use up to 3 Weapons.
- There's a whole New Level.
- There's a brand New Shop and NPC owner.
- You can find and use a Permanent Bonus Item.
- Is now possible to complete one more of the Side Quests.
- New Music and New Sounds.
- Intro is now skippable.
- Some bugs have been fixed.
- Various Improvements here and there.

I truly hope you enjoy it! Can't wait for your feedback!
And don't forget to support our small indie team on IndieGoGo!

Thank you very much!
Nicola & chaosmonger studio


ClunkyHero_Demo1_Win.rar 475 MB
Sep 17, 2020 501 MB
Sep 17, 2020 539 MB
Sep 17, 2020


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Did you remove the demo? I can't seem to find a download button to re-download it and it's not added to the steam page. I tried the demo ages ago and had some issues with the controls but that was largely due to my gamepad being a bit broken. Now that I replaced it I wanted to try it again to confirm how it really plays. If you removed it that's that but the files are listed on this page.

Yes, the demo has been removed. I guess it's written on the page itself! Sorry!!! But we are releasing soon an Early Access! Also, if you are eager for Clunky Hero, we are looking for testers... write me a PM on the official Facebook page if you want to be a beta tester!

Thanks for the offer but my depression makes that a bit difficult. I'll just look forward to the full release and will see then.