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Great. Outstanding.  I can't wait to play the full game.  Is it possible to find the four secrets in the demo? Only found one.

Yes, the 4 secrets are inside the demo!

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Is getting the ticket currently the end of the demo? I'm not finding anything else to do, but maybe I missed something.

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out.



Im loving the Demo so far. I thinkim maybe half way through it. I will record the next part soon. Love the cyberpunk feel. Love the dialog options and Im the loving characters they are all very memorable.

I would like to see Ultrawide screen support (21:9) for wider load gamers like myself as a feature suggestion.

Keep up the good work . Keep us updated on the game progress.

Good Luck


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Absolutely brilliant cyberpunk point and click with some of the best character story and NPC interactions I have seen in a long time!!

you can do a 32-bit support

Yes, it's in our "to-do list" for the next update!

Thank you. I'm waiting anxiously.


Wow, what we can say about Encodya? We think that it is a unique adventure game with much soul in it. All are working flawlessly. The splendid graphics and art style, the speech, the sounds, the music, the gameplay, the atmosphere. It is an AAA title made by an indie studio. We fully support it and we know that it will thrive!

Thanks a lot!!! It's an honor receiving your feedback!


I love everything about it! Great art, amazing music and sound effects! Looking forward to play a full version! 

Thank you! Truly appreciated!


Seriously amazing game!! Spent way longer than it should have to find certain things but I guess ill chalk that up to loving the artwork!! Also devs have HUGE influence draw from Katsuhiro Otomo!! Tinas patch!! Good for health bad for education people!! And if its not one of his works im pretty sure that's one of otomo's sons ballpoints on that garage door!! Well now that I have gushed enough about this you can have my savings good devs!!

Thanks a lot!!! Very happy you liked it! Spread the word out there!

Hey , so is the kickstarter for the game the same as the short film? Just wanted to pledge!

There's no Kickstarter (yet) for ENCODYA. We'll maybe launch it in few weeks! Meanwhile you can contribute on PayPal!
The Kickstarter for "Robot Will Protect You" short film ended about a year ago.


You know what.. mot much can be said about this game.  It has a warm nostalgic feeling that I cant get enough of! Its something i would leave on my screen  just to look at it!  The characters are amazing and it just hooks you right from the start!!

Thank you! Your words mean a lot!


The art style is simply incredible, I love it. As well as the soundtracks and voice acting, really well done. I also found some really fun easter eggs. There are a few imperfections here and there, but considering it's a demo and not the final game, I’m not worried about it. Really congratulations to the whole team, you have my support!

Thanks! Very very appreciated!

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