Last days to enter ENCODYA!

Dear itch followers,

ENCODYA Kickstarter is now in its last days of campaign! We are already 145% funded, but we aim to reach the sum of €45000 to make our game bigger! More scenarios, more characters, more puzzles for at least one more hour of gameplay!

So if you haven't backed it yet, DO IT NOW! These are really the last days!

We have lot of amazing perks, some of them allow you to enter the game itself! You can have your name in the Registry Office or in the Phone Book, you can become a Poster on a game location, a Walker and even an NPC with whom the player can talk and interact!

Last but not least, since few days we are also on GOG.COM! Wishlist our game!

Thanks a lot for following ENCODYA!

After the Kickstarter we'll proceed full speed to finish the full game!

All the best,

Nicola Piovesan

chaosmonger studio

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