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Love the artstyle!  can't wait to try it as soon as I have time! Keep it up!


Fantastic game! I wanna try it!

Try it! And if you like it, please consider to support the Kickstarter!

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Actually I never played The Feeble Files...! So I guess it's just a coincidence! Anyway, the best way to help us finish the game, is through Kickstarter! Have a look!


Wonderful memories engendered by this game - particularly the D.O.T.T. disc (though I don't think it ever came in that format? I only saw it on 3 1/2"!) - having said that this game reminds me more of M.I. though neither character resembles threepwood in any way! :D - Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the final result :)

Thanks a lot! Yea, DOTT wasn't on a 5 1/4 disk, but that's not an original copy... ehehe (the label is hand-written). But yes, Monkey Island is my favorite game ever, so it's easy to find its influence, even though characters and setting are totally different! P.S. we are running a Kickstarter right now, last days... if you like the game please consider a contribute!

This game is a big surprise on this website and I must admit, as cyberpunk fan, i see this game as something special. I can't wait for full game to come out. good job

btw here is my video:

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WOW! This game is something special!!

I got a bit stuck and couldn't figure out what to do but I'm not really a point and click person. This game really stood out for me and I can't praise it enough. 

The humour really is way above what I've seen on here. Also the voice acting is particularly impressive. Like better than most games I've played including AAA. 

Visuals 9/10

Audio 9/10

Gameplay 9/10

Story 9/10

Overall 9/10

I fully recommend this game to anyone, even if point and click games are not your thing. 

It looks really cool, but personally the character desgins for the humans are kinda ugly.

We want translate your game on Russian language.  For FREE! Pls, add me on discord - pipindor666, or write on mail -

Fantasic game, took me an embarassing amount of time to figure it out :D 

I think I love everything about it. Looking forward to full game!

Thanks! We are running a Kickstarter now... last days to back! Please give it a look! (the link is at the top of the page)

Me too I'm not an addict to Point&Click and yet I'm speechless...It's fantastic!

I'll buy the complete game for sure ^^

Thanks! Please follow us! We'll launch soon a Kickstarter ;)

Already a follower ...and going to be a backer soon xD


We want translate your game on Russian language.  For FREE! Pls, add me on discord - pipindor666, or write on mail -

Art is so brilliant, guys. Even the fact that I don't really like Point&Click games. Gonna download right now and give it a try.


Let me just get straight to the point. I love this. I love everything about it.

It's got a wonderful old-school point and click adventure game vibe whilst looking sleek and modern. It's got top-notch voice acting. It's got really good puzzles that took me way longer to figure out than I'd like to admit. It looks gorgeous. It's got a lot of self-awareness and rib-tickling Easter Eggs.

But most of all, it's got heart.

I don't really need to push this game on you if you like point and click games. Because you'll like this. But if you're not so sure about this style of game or haven't given many a try, put this on your to-play list.

I really hope we get to see more of this game, because there's so much that can be done with these characters and this setting. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled, and to the fine folks at Chaosmonger Studio I say keep at it! =)


Thanks a lot! Very flattering!

A beautiful game. Love the old school vibe.


The game looks awesome from the trailer and screenshots, but when I try to play the game I just get a pink screen with some low ambient noise in the background. I'm using laptop with an integrated Intel GPU and running the latest version of Ubuntu 18.04.

Very sorry to hear... if you have issues with Ubuntu, please report here:

Same problem, same system specs.  :(

Totally wanted to give this one a try, too...

I tested today with a Dell laptop from around 2011, sporting an Ivy Bridge i7 with Intel HD Graphics 3000. The demo ran perfectly. Same thing on a Haswell i7 desktop system with its integrated HD 4600 GPU. On the Haswell I even tried with an Ubuntu system straight from the live install image to make sure, and the demo ran just fine.

If your hardware is very old and doesn't support OpenGL 4.5, you might want to try navigating to the game installation directory in a terminal and running "./ENCODYA_DemoV1.x86_64 -force-glcore42" (without the double quotes of course). Or if you've got very recent hardware, try the same with "-force-vulkan", because why not. :)

Really great work on this so far! I included it in my list. I'm looking forward to seeing how the environment opens up and how the story unfolds. The demo did a good job of establishing the overall look and tone and some of the core mechanics but not the story the game will explore, so that's what I'm most curious about.  

One thing I'd love to see is a quicker response from NPCs and the characters when interacting with things or speaking. I feel like it takes a second for the characters to perform or react when I choose a dialogue option or action, which drags the game's pacing a bit. It may be how the animation is implemented. Otherwise, love what you've got at this point and good luck with the full release!

Thanks a lot for your opinion!
Regarding the NPC response time, it depends on the cycle of animation. Since we preferred to have a smooth transition between the NPC idle action and the talk, means that before going into "talking" animation, it has to finish the "idle" one (and not cutting it abruptly). If you are lucky and you are at the end of the animation, the transition could be immediate or half a second, if you are unlucky, it could take up to 2 seconds (but never longer than 2 seconds, i.e. one animation cycle).

Regarding the story itself, we didn't want to spoil much about it... but good that you are curious to know more!

Thanks for the response! I figured it was something like that. It isn't a game breaking issue at all, the animation is well done and I think ultimately the presentation and the story as it unfolds will make up for any extra time in the interactions. Again, great job!

Thanks! Leave us a rating if you enjoyed!


Lo trovo magnifico! Avete pensato a fare un libro su questa storia stupenda? La grafica è eccezionale davvero! complimenti

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WOW ! Nice to see a cool looking PnC in the works.

We don't get enough like this ,hope the story and gameplay is good.

Downloading now ,will report back after playing.

I love it, cant wait for the finished game. 

Great game demo. I'm on Mac and I'm REALLY stuck trying to find "a stick" that I need to combine. Any chance of a hint?

look around the crossroad... ;)

found it.! Thanks!

Not a big fan of the facial design of most of the characters but otherwise a great game!

This game amazed me right away with how much detail it has. I have high hopes for this game becoming successful. Also, I plan on a part 2 so if anybody is wandering why I didn't finish it yet.

Wow, that looks awesome


this game looks awesome + i love everything from studio Ghibli . looking forward to playing this game .



Bastante impresionante la factura de la animación. Buen trabajo!

does the game just end when you try to go back to the bus station because it crashes every time i try to go back

Very weird, you are the first reporting this issue out of 1500+ downloads... At which point it crashes?

any time i try to go back to the bus station. once i leave the bus station and go to the crossroads i cant come back to the bus station without the game crashing

I'm very sorry but I can't reproduce this crash. Can you send a Crash Log? And your PC specs? Thanks!

I  dont know what a crash log is/ how to find it. i have windows 10, a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU M 620 @ 2.67GHz processor, NVIDIA NVS 3100M video card, and 8 GB RAM 

Your PC should run the game without problems.
I suggest you to uninstall and install it again, giving administrator privileges and see if something changes....


Encodya is a point and click where you can tell the developers have really tried to nail the quality of life and feel of older polished games. The art is great. The world building amazing. The sound-space and setting is phenomenal.

However, my main gripe is that breaking the fourth wall seems to be a troupe they've really shoe-horned in (at times). Admittedly, in this demo, sometimes it's purely intentional. Other times, it's part of the script writing. In my opinion it really isn't warranted in the density that it appears in this demo. If it were taken out, it'd make the experience so much more magical.

Either way, this is definitely a game I'll be looking out for a full release of.


Yes, we went too far with breaking the four wall... we agree! Full game won't be so heavy!

Deleted post

Great. Outstanding.  I can't wait to play the full game.  Is it possible to find the four secrets in the demo? Only found one.

Yes, the 4 secrets are inside the demo!

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Is getting the ticket currently the end of the demo? I'm not finding anything else to do, but maybe I missed something.

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out.



Im loving the Demo so far. I thinkim maybe half way through it. I will record the next part soon. Love the cyberpunk feel. Love the dialog options and Im the loving characters they are all very memorable.

I would like to see Ultrawide screen support (21:9) for wider load gamers like myself as a feature suggestion.

Keep up the good work . Keep us updated on the game progress.

Good Luck


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Absolutely brilliant cyberpunk point and click with some of the best character story and NPC interactions I have seen in a long time!!

you can do a 32-bit support

Yes, it's in our "to-do list" for the next update!

Thank you. I'm waiting anxiously.


Wow, what we can say about Encodya? We think that it is a unique adventure game with much soul in it. All are working flawlessly. The splendid graphics and art style, the speech, the sounds, the music, the gameplay, the atmosphere. It is an AAA title made by an indie studio. We fully support it and we know that it will thrive!

Thanks a lot!!! It's an honor receiving your feedback!


I love everything about it! Great art, amazing music and sound effects! Looking forward to play a full version! 

Thank you! Truly appreciated!


Seriously amazing game!! Spent way longer than it should have to find certain things but I guess ill chalk that up to loving the artwork!! Also devs have HUGE influence draw from Katsuhiro Otomo!! Tinas patch!! Good for health bad for education people!! And if its not one of his works im pretty sure that's one of otomo's sons ballpoints on that garage door!! Well now that I have gushed enough about this you can have my savings good devs!!

Thanks a lot!!! Very happy you liked it! Spread the word out there!

Hey , so is the kickstarter for the game the same as the short film? Just wanted to pledge!

There's no Kickstarter (yet) for ENCODYA. We'll maybe launch it in few weeks! Meanwhile you can contribute on PayPal!
The Kickstarter for "Robot Will Protect You" short film ended about a year ago.


You know what.. mot much can be said about this game.  It has a warm nostalgic feeling that I cant get enough of! Its something i would leave on my screen  just to look at it!  The characters are amazing and it just hooks you right from the start!!

Thank you! Your words mean a lot!


The art style is simply incredible, I love it. As well as the soundtracks and voice acting, really well done. I also found some really fun easter eggs. There are a few imperfections here and there, but considering it's a demo and not the final game, I’m not worried about it. Really congratulations to the whole team, you have my support!

Thanks! Very very appreciated!

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